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Residential & Commercial Electrical Contractors

Need an energy audit? Contact us for an appointment! We can guide you through the current product selection, utility rebate and tax incentive opportunities, as well as identify Energy-Saving projects and specify Energy Efficient upgrades.

NOW is the time to take advantage of Utility Company rebates & Government Incentives and Grejda Electric can assist you in the process. We help to cut through the "Red Tape" by completing all necessary rebate applications and working directly with the utility companies to insure that you receive your maximum rebate.

FirstEnergy Program Ally and Auditor & Technical Assessment Provider (ATAP)

EPAct 2005 Qualified Certifier

This Act requires utilities to develop cost-effective plans to reduce electricity consumption by 1% by 2011 and by 3% by 2013. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? In response to the new ACT, utility companies are now offering REBATES to commercial and industrial customers for installing T12 to T8 fluorescent lighting retrofits, T5 fluorescent fixture (HID Replacement), LED Exit Signs (Incandescent Replacement) and Occupancy Sensors. These REBATES range anywhere from $14 to $120 per updated fixture.

The main goals of EPAct 2005 are to promote energy efficiency and conservation while supporting an increase in domestic energy production. EPAct 2005 does include a number of energy conservation provisions, supported by the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA), which are significant for the lighting industry. Those provisions allow for attractive TAX DEDUCTIONS of up to $1.80 per square foot for commercial building owners who invest in energy efficient building systems. Given that many buildings contain inefficient, outdated lighting systems, these products and systems are ideally positioned to capitalize on the TAX DEDUCTIONS.

To Schedule an Energy Audit or for More Information, Contact :

Mike Grejda