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Residential & Commercial Electrical Contractors

Recycling is as Easy as 1 -2 - 3

Here's how it works:

1. Select & Call

Choose the number of Lamp, Ballast, CFL and/or Battary containers that you require and call Grejda Electric LLC at 412-486-7112 to order and schedule delivery.

2. Fill Containers

Fill your containers with you fluorescent lamps, ballast and battary waste. All containers are UN certified for safe storage and transport & have a poly bag liner for your safety.

3. Return for Recycling and Repeat

Each container comes with a pre-paid shipping label. Follow instructions printed on the container and contact FedEx to schedule a pickup.

Sustainable Program Selection

4' Standard Lamp Recycling Box

  • Holds up to (32) T12 or (64) T8, 4-Foot straight fluorescent lamps

8' Lamp Recycling Box

  • Holds up to (15) T12 or (30) T8, 8-Foot straight fluorescent lamps

CFL Recycling Container

  • Holds up to 90 compact fluorescent lamps

Ballast Recycling Container

  • Holds up to 55 lbs. of TSCA exempt, non-PCB lamp ballasts

Battery Recycling Container

  • Holds up to 55 lbs. of dry cell batteries

For Residential/Commercial Projects Contact:

Mike Grejda